Inflatable Balloons

Our printed inflatable balloons are eye-captivating, easy-to-store, inflatable mobile advertisements that can be set up within minutes. We offer a wide variety of pantone-matched coloured fabrics. Each kit contains: a 230-volt fan-blower, a sledge-hammer, guy ropes, instructions, as well as a high-quality vinyl carry bag. If you would like your balloon fabric to be fire-retardant, we offer white B1-Certified vinyl-coated polyester. We can dye-sub print on the entire surface of the balloon, then laminate it to make for a stunning finish.

Available sizes and specification:

Short Base Balloons

 Height  2m 3m 4m 5m 6m
 Diameter 1.40m 2.20m 2.90m 3.60m 4.30m
 Steam Diam. 0.7m 1.10m 1.45m 1.80m 2.20m


Long Base Balloons

 Height 2m 3m 4m 5m 6m
 Diameter 1.70m 2.60m 3.50m 4.40m 5.30m
 Steam Diam. 0.95m 1.40m 1.90m 2.40m 2.85m