Tear Drop Flags

Tear Drop Flags is known as a Beach Flag.  Very popular product for outdoor sport events, like beach sport days, winter sports and marathons.

Our tear drop flags are light weight, water and uv resist covered with 6 months warranty.

Tear Drop Flag is one of the most eye catching products, especially if printed in vibrant colours.

Tear Drop Flag Sizes

Pole size: 3 m
Flag size: 90 x 195 cm

Pole size: 4 m
Flag size: 105 x 270 cm

Pole size: 5 m
Flag size: 130 x 330 cm

Pole size: 7 m
Flag size: 150 x 380 cm

The flag comes with a high quality metal or fibreglass pole:

size 150 x 3700 cm; basic spike and carry bag.