Sail Flag

If you are looking for a rectangular shape flag with pole and top bar, similar to car dealers, shop centres and corporate flags you might be interested in our sail flags range.

Sail flag like other our products is manufactured to highest standard, printed in high resolution onto premium, fire rated 115gms textile material. They are water and uv resistant. 

Sail Flags Sizes:

Pole size: 2 m
Flag size: 50 x 150 cm

Pole size: 3 m
Flag size: 50 x 220 cm

Pole size: 4 m
Flag size: 70 x 250 cm

Pole size: 5 m
Flag size: 70 x 350 cm

The sail flag comes with a high quality metal pole: size 50 x 150 cm; size 50 x 220 cm;
or aluminium pole: size 70 x 250 cm; size 70 x 350 cm; basic spike and carry bag.