Outdoor Pop Up Banners


Perfect solution for outdoor event branding at sporting events, golf days or indoors at exhibitions and have many advantages over traditional vinyl and PVC banners as they are:

  • Quick to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Water resit 
  • UV resit


Outdoor Pop Ups

Our high quality outdoor pop up banners are coming withpegs and carry bag. We print in high resolution onto premium textile material at 205 gsm. Our Golf Banners or Outdoor Pop Ups are finished to the highest standard and our products are covered with 6 months warranty.


Outdoor Pop Up Banners Specification:

  • high-quality polyester knitted fabric
  • lining: a tube made of black polyester
  • in the tube, a fiberglass rod tensioning wheel, 80 cm
  • weight: 205 g/m2
  • secured with – 8 (ellipse) or 4 (wheel) brass “pins” with a length of 300 mm and a diameter of 5 mm.
  • carry bag: 85×85 cm