You could probably noticed our printed billboard posters across the UK, Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paisley and London so if you are looking or a fence poster printing, billboards printing and short term posters campaign please give us a quick call.

We print onto quality blue back paper with high resolution using the latest solvent inks.

  • billboard blue back poster paper 115 gsm: this 115gsm outdoor blue back matt finishposter paper has been specifically designed for major billboard applications. It has a strong resistance to cracking or flaking when folded after wet pasting. Excellent handling when applying to billboards with minimum show through due to an even blue back coating.
  • billboard blue back poster paper 130 gsm: specifically developed for billboards, it is an advanced blue back paper that is as good with colour as it is weather resistant and durable.

Our Billboard Posters are available at standard billboard sizes:

  • 4 sheet, 6 sheet, 8 sheet, 12 sheet, 16 sheet, 32 sheet, 48 sheet and 98 sheet.
  • All are perfectly trim to size, available with overlap (16 sheet, 32 sheet, 48 sheet and 98 sheet) for better fitting.
  • We offer fast print, pack and delivery in matter of hours.
Public Enemies Billboard